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Domestic Investigations

Providing Everything You Need

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Emotionally Charged

Without a doubt, domestic investigations are the most emotionally charged and difficult for the client, and potentially volatile. If you're coming to an investigation firm for assistance, you're already suspicious of something and the stakes are high for you!

Child Custody

When it comes to child custody investigations, the best interests of the child are key and always at the forefront of the investigation. The divorce process is messy and can become more complicated when emotions run high. Claims of abuse or neglect can determine which parent will retain custody of a child and under what conditions the other parent can visit with their child.

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GPS - Tracking System

Can be used when legally permissible. Our GPS device are compact and portable. They have battery life of 40 + motion hours, depending on usage with real time updates as fast as every 3 seconds.

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During the initial consultation, and throughout the course of the investigation, our managing investigators will listen through the issue with an objective and compassionate ear and develop a strategy that will best serve our client and their legal counsel.

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