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About Insurance Investigation Claims

Good Results Depend On Good Case Preparation

The purpose of any investigation is to gather information which is either:

  1. Obviously relative to the claim, or

  2. Potentially relative to the claim

Know the history of the case and the issues to be resolved. Most importantly, know as much as possible about your subject before you begin the investigation. You need to know the type of injury, body part involved, current medical condition or diagnosis, physical limitations or restrictions (use of cane/crutches, etc), and have a good physical description of the worker. Additionally, know the coverage and limitations of the insured's policy.

Special Investigation Unit

Daniel Fleming

Daniel Fleming is a former Houston Police Officer and has over 35 years of investigative experience, both civil and criminal. Mr. Fleming's law enforcement and insurance background has provided him a well-rounded understanding of key elements which go into the investigative process.

Daniel Fleming
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