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Premises Liability

Proactive Security | Active Security | Reactive Security

Property owners, and property management companies are expected to provide the highest level of safety to keep visitors, and tenants from suffering any sort of serious injury.

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Management's role in security must operate within a comprehensive framework. One which seeks to address all the problems stemming from crime and vandalism, and which takes account of the property interrelationships between problems and remedies.



For a crime to occur, three conditions must be in place:

  • Someone who wants to commit a crime

  • A victim or business that does not present too many challenges 

  • No one to intervene and prevent the crime from occurring

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Combat Crime

To combat crime your options are;

  • Reduce the number of motivated offenders

  • Make crime | offense more difficult to commit

  • Anticipate new types of crimes and find ways to stop them from occurring


Daniel Fleming CEO | Founder

Mr. Fleming's investigative and security background bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding regarding premises liability and security issues. He was certified with the Houston Police Department as a Crime Prevention Specialist and assisted business and property owners in lowering their crime rate and liability exposure.

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