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Daniel & Simone Fleming

Dan and Simone Fleming began working together in 1996 when Dan started a small investigations company in the Northwest. Having worked in another industry, Simone entered into the investigations company eager to learn and willing to put in the work to make their small company a success. Quickly, Dan's unique skills, combined with his law enforcement background, and Simone's quickness to learn the insurance investigations industry proved that this couple produced an excellent investigation while building professional relationships that have stood the test of time.

Dan and Simone, married nearly 40 years, see the priceless value of relationships both professionally and personally. While they have worked as coworkers within the investigations and insurance industry, and have pursued other interests over the years, they hold tightly to the fact that they are "always better when they are together". This is true in their personal life as well as professionally. Together they have raised their three children and have the joy of each one of their children having brought a wonderful spouse into the family. While their children are the center of their universe, the Fleming's now have 7 grandchildren to adore and indulge and their family continues to be the very heart of their lives.

While "family is everything", Dan & Simone hold very tightly to the commitment that relationships matter. How you care for people, prioritize the client relationship and respond appropriately and promptly speaks volumes to the essential value each adjuster, attorney, employer and client hold in the Fleming's view. 


They have staked their reputation on keeping their word, following through on those commitments and holding tightly to the belief that anything worth doing is worth doing right.


Dan & Simone brings their own skillset to an investigation, but when working together they have a unique balance and insight with successful results. Each is quick to defer to the others perspective and take a particular sense of satisfaction in the others abilities. As a result, their collaboration produces a positive environment in which to work, both for their clients and each other.

"totally committed

   ... to retain your


Truth, being the statement of fact, is what Alethinos Investigations strives to obtain.


  • Houston Police Officer

  • Criminal / Civil Investigations

  • Crime Prevention Specialist

  • Premises Liability / Security

  • Claimant / Witness Statements

  • Surveillance

  • AOE / COE Investigations

  • Bodily Injury

  • Product Liability

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Cargo Fraud

Guide to Investigation


Guide to Investigation was designed to assist in the field investigator to help reduce the paid costs on claims, eliminate high reserves and increase leverage for settlements. The current trend to subjectively review each claim for fraud leads to inconsistent results. Responsible Insurance Professionals understand the important need to objectively review each claim based on consistent parameters. By consistently asking the right questions and reviewing the facts about each claim, you will streamline the process and better manage your caseloads and recover dollars lost to fraud. This Guide to Investigations is an effective desktop tool to assist you in your field investigation efforts.

These investigations have been arranged into six major headings:

  1. Bodily Injury Investigations

  2. Field Work

  3. Occupational Disease

  4. Trauma

  5. Third Party / Subrogation

  6. Investigation Resource

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