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Daniel J. Fleming
Founder | CEO
Alethinos Investigations

A well-rounded leader is one who is able to anticipate and meet the needs of those who depend on them in the professional sector as well as in their private affairs. An effective leader does not turn their leadership off when they get home. They are one who attends to the needs of their family, ensuring their children are properly cared for and their spouse is fulfilled.

Insurance Investigations

  • AOE / COE Investigations

  • Surveillance

  • Statement Services

  • Premises Liability

  • Activity Checks

  • SIU Support Services

  • Scene Investigations

Quality investigations are essential in fighting fraud and no amount of technology can serve as a substitute for the knowledge and experience of a good investigator.

There are times when claims rise to a higher level of exposure and complexity, where there is suspicion of prosecutorial fraud and other felonies. A quality investigation is necessary to ensure each claim gets the maximum return on their investment and the greatest yield from the dollars spent on claims examination. This expertise in every area of claims management affords an unique overall perspective on claims allowing Mr. Fleming to work in conjunction with examiners to shut down fraudulent claims.

Special Investigation Unit



  • Complete data base research.

  • Cost effective alternative or pre-cursor to surveillance.

  • Allows claims professionals the opportunity to assess the investigative needs of a file in a cost effective manner

  • Establish the foundation for future investigative needs.                               



The investigation process typically will include employer interviews, taking of statements from witnesses, injured worker, and other parties.




Good results depend on good case preparation. Know the history of the case and the issues to be resolved. You need to know the type of injury, body part involved, current medical condition or diagnosis, physical limitations or restrictions. Additionally, know the coverage and limitations of the insured's policy.


Experience has shown us that some injured workers will prolong their return to work by malingering or exaggerating their disabilities. Surveillance investigations should be initiated when you have good reason to believe the worker is misrepresenting his / her disability, and when visual evidence can be utilized or be a benefit in closing or managing the claim.

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